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An OCG Infrared Thermal Imager
Tianbo SF6 Detector S-Series
Tianbo SF6 detection S-series is an OGI infrared thermal imager that displays and finds out the leaking point of volatile organic compounds accurately without stopping the operation. This convenient thermal imager is capable of detecting leakage beyond the safety distance, which greatly secures the safety of operating personnel. Moreover, it also tracks gas that harms the environment and generates environmental protection benefits. The SFL detector is applied to industrial fields, such as oil refineries, natural gas processing plant, maritime oil and gas mining platform, chemical/chemical engineering industry, biological gas plant and power station.
Functional Characteristics of S-series Detector
  • One machine has multiple functions to meet the demands for different detections.
    The S-series gas leakage detection infrared thermal imager is used to detect and position gaseous leakage. Meanwhile, it is also used as a common infrared imager and makes predictive detection by measuring the temperature of target object. It combines several functions on the same machine, helping you to solve various problems.
  • Super High Sensitivity—Leave No Leakage Point Behind
    S-series products adopt highly-sensitive QWIP, which improves its temperature resolution to be 0.025 ℃ and makes its leakage detection sensitivity 0.001 mm/s. It is capable of detecting and capturing tiny temperature variations and leakages.
  • Conduct leakage detection operation with any auxiliary light
    The S-series gas leakage detection infrared thermal imager adopts the passive detection according to the temperature characteristics of gas leakage. Without any auxiliary light, it allows you to find out the gas leakage point accurately.
  • Visible-light Camera with Inlaid High Resolution and LED Supplement Light
    The S-series products are equipped with a high-resolution visible-light camera. Besides recording infrared images, it also saves the visible-light images of target objects, making it convenient for subsequent inquiry and filing. It is also equipped with a highly-lit LED supplement light, which ensures the imaging performances of visible-light cameras in the low light.
  • The function of recording videos records full-radiation infrared videos with temperature data.
    The S-series gas leakage detection infrared thermal imager also has the function of recording videos. It saves dynamic detection processes through real-time videos. In the process of dynamic recording and detection, it saves all temperature data. While clients check the recorded video, they not only can replay the whole detection process, but also formulate a relevant detection report by conducting secondary analysis and process of videos.
  • A 5-inch highly-lit LCD touch screen and an in-laid OLED image seeker
    The 4.3-inch highly-lit LCD display is inlaid with high-definition OLED image seeker, a high-definition screen and OLED image seeker, whose imaging performances represent the detailed information of the detected target in a better manner and are more favorable for finding and positioning defective parts.
  • Detect Leakage of Various Gases
    Detect Leakage of Various Gases
  • The whole series are equipped with high-end functions, including laser positioning, temperature measurement and voice recording.
    The S-series products are equipped with laser sign function. The position of the laser point is directly displayed on the infrared image. The temperature value of the current laser point is also displayed simultaneously, making it convenient for clients to master the position in time. In the meantime, the S-series products also have several functions, including voice recording, real-time transmission and inlaid storage.
Main Performances of S-series Detectors
Visualize the gas leakage in a real-time manner
Provide all-rounded proofing targeting at the temperature measurement and application
Add GPS data in the report
Do not influence normal production in the detection process
Shorten the detection time
Track the leakage source
Discover the gas leakage phenomenon nearby or several meters away
Maintenance and Testing
Formulate a report fast and record the produced images in any commonly-used recorder to realize the fast filing and recording.
Imaging Performance and Optical Parameters
  • Detector with FPA
  • FOV/shortest focus distance
    10°X7.5°/1 m standard
  • Manual
    focusing/electric focusing /automatic focusing
  • Focusing
    1~8 times continued digital focusing
  • Digital image enhancement
    noise reduction and wave filtrating devices: a highly sensitive mode (HSM)
  • The infrared image has the pixel
    of 320*256
  • Heat sensitivity/NETD
    < 1 5 mK@+30℃
  • Accuracy
    Accurate temperature range (0~100 ℃) ± 1℃ or the temperature range value (>+100℃) ±2%
  • Temperature measurement range
  • Detect SF6 gas sensitivity
  • Full frame frequency
    60 Hz
Image Display
  • Display
    The display is inlaid with a broad screen: 5-inch LCD with 800*480 pixels
  • Automatic Image
    Adjustment/manual: Based on linear chart or histogram
  • Automatic image adjustment
Measurement and Analysis
  • Point Temperature Measurement
  • Regional Temperature Measurement
    five input boxes, including maximum value/minimum value/average value
  • Line Temperature Distribution Graph
    1 real-time temperature measurement line (horizontal or vertical)
  • Temperature difference
    Measurement values of temperature differences or the temperature differences between reference temperatures
  • Reference temperature
    The reference temperature is measured manually or obtained from measurement
  • Emissivity correction
    The reference temperature is measured manually or obtained from measurement
  • Measurement correction
    the regular reflection temperature, distance, atmospheric transmissivity, humidity and optical components
Power System
  • Battery Working Time
    >2hours (typical application when the environment temperature is 25℃)
  • The start-up time
    usually 10 minutes (under 25℃)
  • Battery Type
    chargeable Lithium battery
  • Charging System
    double-ported charger
Environment Parameter
  • Working Temperature Range
  • Storage Temperature Range
  • Humidity (work and storage)
    IEC 68-2-30/24 h 95%
  • EMC
    EMCEN61000一6.4(anti-radiation) EN61000一6.2(anti-interference)
  • Packaging
    IP 54(IEC 60529)
  • Anti-shock
    25 g(IEC 60068-2-29)
  • Anti-shock characteristic
    2g(IEC 60068-2-6)
Physical Parameters
  • Thermal Imager Weight
    2.5 kg (joint camera and battery)
  • Battery Weight
    usually 10 minutes (under 25℃)
  • Battery Type
    0.24 kg
Quality Guarantee
  • IS09001
  • Ce
  • Third-party Testing
    Testing documents of China Electric Power Research Institute, testing report from Anhui Electric Power Research Institute and National Infrared and Industrial Electric Heating Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center
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