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Hand-held Local Discharge IF Series

High profile or flaunt or wild…
With Everything under Your Control
With Everything under Your Control
1)Conduct non-contact screening of primary high-voltage equipment, including operating and charged transformer and GIS, discover and position the local discharge of a certain type.
2)Conduct charged screening of the open equipment of substations (outdoor), discover and position various local discharge: corona, arc, flashover, creepage, disconnection and arc discharge;
3) Screen an operating high-voltage switch cabinet, discover the local discharge and position it.
4)Discover and position the insulated arc over on the iron tower, the creepage of outdoor cables, the local detection of underground cables and positioning.
5)This equipment is used to match the local discharge in the connection of power system, preventive testing, substation and GIS local testing, such as local discharge. It can distinguish whether it is internal discharge or external discharge. If it is an external discharge, its special discharge points can be positioned.
6)In the factory testing of large oil-immersed transformers and GIS manufacturers, this equipment is used to cooperate with the local discharge in the local testing. Meanwhile, it also screens the dry transformer with charged operations. It is capable of discovering and determining the position in internal discharge and external discharge.
7) If the bearings of large-scale mechanical equipment have mechanical faults due to poor lubrication, this equipment can be used for testing and positioning.
8) Leakage testing of high-pressure sealed gas and liquids
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