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Application in Petroleum and Chemical Engineering
The petroleum and chemical engineering is a highly automatic production system, which has adopted pressure containers and pipes on a large scale. Due to a long working process and inconsistency, some key equipment and important equipment keep working in a dangerous state, such as a high-voltage and corruptible environment. Accidents are more likely to occur especially when the equipment is in a poor working state or the working temperature exceeds the normal working temperature. In this context, the state overall technology of infrared thermal imagers will inevitably contribute to the technical progress in equipment maintenance, safe production and energy consumption reduction.
Detection of Fire-poof Materials

Unable to mastering the inefficiency time of fire-proof materials in equipment, oil refinery can hardly improve their manufacturing production. With Tianbo infrared thermal imaging technology, however, oil refinery factories are capable of scanning fire-proof materials on a large scale regularly and conducting the real-time monitoring of important equipment from multiple perspectives. Before problems occur, this technology allows factories to discover ineffective fire-proof materials and make relevant decisions, which increased tens of millions of benefits for oil refinery factories directly.

Track the Stacking of Solid Particles

The stacking of solid particles results from the changes of fire-resistant materials or working conditions. If there is no stove ash or residues in the smelting furnace and tubing, it may cause halt the production plan. Moreover, cleaning is highly costly. Annually, the oil refinery spends millions of yuan to clean the sediments of equipment in the pipe. The person-in-charge of oil refinery said: “Tianbo infrared thermal imager has provided a perfect solution, which implements thermal image examination in the operation process. It has provided a very scientific plan for pipe cleaning and ensures the normal operation of our production.”

Classic show
  • 分辨率:8~14Um非制冷焦平面,384*288
  • 測溫范圍:標準:-20~150℃,可擴展:中溫檔0~410℃,高溫檔:300~650℃或300~1000℃,或300~1500℃或300~2000℃

Classic show


  • 顯示屏:4.3寸,640*480像素
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