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Service Fields

order to make the equipment operate normally, it is necessary for enterprises to conduct regular testing to discover problems in time and avoid losses. The infrared thermal imaging is a testing and maintenance technology that can be applied to several industrial fields. As a non-contact temperature measurement technology, the infrared thermal detector tests corporate equipment in the operation process and discover problems in time. At present, the infrared imaging testing has been widely applied to the power, petrochemical engineering, vehicle, railway, steel, paper making, scientific research, fire prevention and security.
Hangzhou Tianbo Infrared Photoelectric Technology Co., Ltd launched a detection-oriented service business, which specifically includes the following contents:
Detection range: power, petroleum chemical engineering, rail transit, communication, construction, vehicle, micro-electronics and other industrial ranges.

Rail Transit Detection Electro-mechanical Operation Maintenance Petroleum-chemical Equipment Detection Construction Energy Conservation Detection Substation Equipment Detection Vehicle Detection
Strength of Detection Team

The detection team provides professional services of detecting the equipment of power transmission, power transformation and power distribution, fast-operating engines, motors, hubs, engine units, constructed houses, transmission pipes, steel ladles and broilers. It adopts the following detection means: infrared detection, local discharge testing, SF6 detection and UV testing.

  • Detection Team

    The team is consisted of 40 detection personnel with 8 years’ experience of live detection practices in the power industry and 52 detection personnel with 3 years’ live detection practices. In the past years, it provides professional live detection support for cooperation power units. It has rich construction experience in infrared detection, local charge detection, SF6 gaseous leakage detection and UV detection.

  • Data Processing Team

    This team is consisted of over 20 personnel that have analyzed and processed millions of pictures. It checks the photographed results to ensure the submitted results are accurate and uniform.

  • Sales Team

    The sales team is professional and consisted of over 20 personnel. It provides cooperation partners with 24-hour non-stop services before and after the sales.

  • Cooperation Partners

    At present, Tianbo has cooperated with over 1,000 clients. Tianbo provides professional technical support for relevant working units to ensure the power supply for cooling in summer, heating in winter and safety production work. Tianbo has won high affirmation form clients from all walks of life.

Achievement Submission
*1 640 Hi-fi Image: precision temperature measurement

640*480 hi-fi thermal imager can display all details of the display equipment. Its detection of thermal images is 300,000 pixels, which is four times of 320*480. It has a higher accuracy of measurement.

640*480 effective picture Click for original picture

*2 Test Standard Models throughout the Process

Provide accurate, neat and diversified achievements。

Record: module matching

Report: Standardized report and user-defined

*3 Submission of Achievements to the Database

Make it convenient for clients to inquire, review, compare and conduct secondary analysis, which improves management efficiency by one hundred times.

Synchronized display of image and information:The comprehensive information inquiry is extremely convenient.

Historical comparison:It realizes the vertical comparison between several heat images of the same equipment at different historical moments.

Current comparison:It realizes the comparison between the characteristics and temperatures of thermal images of ABC three-phased equipment of the same type, making it convenient for analyzing defects.

Secondary analysis:interface modules, linear graph and histogram

*4 Interface of Fundamental Material Management

Five-level structure: high efficiency, inquiry and equipment locking

*5 Data Importing Function

Several importing methods and a more humane design

Automatic single impor

automatic bulk import

*6 Data Backup Function

Fast, safety, one-key backup and safe data storage.

Application Case
  • Equipment Name: Current Transformer

    Equipment Position: on the equipment

    Voltage Level: 10kV

    Recording Date: April 22nd

    Recording Time: 10:42

    Environment Time: 18℃

    Environment Humidity: 56%

    On-site Environment: 35kV Beicai Station; indoor; old substation; the 10kV equipment is in the warehouse

    Heating Cause: Long pressure-resistance causes insulation and aging

  • Equipment Name: Cable end

    Equipment Position: Stress cone

    Voltage Level: 110kV

    Recording Date: July 14th

    Recording Time: 19:58

    Environment Temperature: 30 ℃

    Environmental Humidity: 66%

    On-site Environment: 220kV Dongyang substation; outdoor

    Heating Cause: poor internal contact

  • Equipment Name: Capacitor

    Equipment Position: On the equipment

    Voltage Level: 10Kv

    Recording Date: July 9th

    Recording Time: 21:19

    Environment Temperature: 30 ℃

    Environment Humidity: 50%

    On-site Environment: 220kV Caojia Substation; outdoor; 10kV capacitor bank

    Heating Cause: The capacitor is poorly sealed and causes the capacitor core affected with dampness

  • Equipment Name: current transformer

    Equipment Position: on the equipment

    Voltage Level: 110kV

    Recording Date: June 28th

    Recording Time: 20:23

    Environment Temperature: 28.6℃

    Environment Humidity: 58%

    On-site Environment: 110kV Fanjia Substation; outdoor

    Heating Cause: poor internal contact

  • Equipment Name:Capacitor

    Equipment Position:on the equipment

    Voltage Level:10kV

    Recording Date:July 9th

    Recording Time:21:19

    Environment Temperature:30℃

    Environment Humidity:50%

    On-site Environment: 220 kV Caojia Substation; outdoor; 10kV capacitor bank

    Heating Cause: The capacitor is poorly sealed and causes the capacitor core affected with dampness

  • Equipment Name:current transformer

    Equipment Position:small casing on the screen

    Voltage Level:220kV

    Recording Date:May 20th

    Recording Time:23:56

    Environment Temperature:22.7℃

    Environment Humidity:56%

    On-site Environment: 220kV Xiapu Substation; outdoor

    Heating Cause: Faults at end shield

  • Equipment Name:Cable end

    Equipment Position:Tail pipe

    Voltage Level:110kV

    Recording Date:June 4th

    Recording Time:14:34

    Environment Temperature:28℃

    Environment Humidity:63%

    On-site Environment: 110kV Baolian Substation; indoor

    Heating Cause: Poor internal contact that causes discharge and heating

  • Equipment Name:current transformer

    Equipment Position:on the equipment

    Voltage Level:110kV

    Recording Date:June 18th

    Recording Time:20:35

    Environment Temperature:30℃

    Environment Humidity:52%

    On-site Environment: 220kV Wuliying Substation; outdoor

    Heating Cause: dielectric loss

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