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Transportation Thermal Imager
See what hasn’t been seen and do what hasn’t been done
TB-C6 creates safer and more comprehensive driving experience

Vehicle-mounted C Series

Traffic accidents may occur at night, in bad weather, such as misty or hazy weather, or when the driver has a poor vision and drives with headlights on. Through screening, the infrared imager helps the driver to see a clearer driving environment to avoid some hidden barriers. The C-series infrared thermal imager is designed to be light and handy, making it easy to be mounted on any vehicle type.
  • A Perfect Image Quality

    The pixel of the vehicle-mounted C series thermal imager reaches 640*480, allowing it to provide a perfect image quality

  • It avoids the influences of the dazzle on the vehicle effectively.

    Through dazzle and backlighting, the infrared thermal imager clearly masters the situation and signals of vehicles.

  • Inlaid Automatic Heater

    Automatic Heating Screen and Defrosting Device in Cold Weather

  • IP69K Protection

    The vehicle-mounted C-series thermal imager is equipped with a shell that meets IP69K protection, which prevents rain and dust from entering the machine effectively.

  • Vehicle-mounted Infrared Passenger Detection & Identification System (PDS)

    This system adopts the passenger protection method that is based on a vehicle-mounted visual sensor. In the vehicle-mounted environment and basing on the infrared camera and DSP micro-processor, this system adopts the automatic smart testing algorithm to test passengers, aid drivers and improve the safety of driving.

  • Infrared Digital Detail Enhancement Technology (DDE)

    As a senior non-linear image processing algorithm, DDE can retain the details of images within the highly dynamic range. By enhancing image details, the technology matches with dynamic range of original images. In this way, operators are capable of seeing details even in the situations with significant temperature changes.

Product Application

* Public Security Investigation
* Road Patrol
* Wild Driving
* Hunting
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  • 分辨率:8~14Um非制冷焦平面,384*288
  • 測溫范圍:標準:-20~150℃,可擴展:中溫檔0~410℃,高溫檔:300~650℃或300~1000℃,或300~1500℃或300~2000℃

Series show


  • 顯示屏:4.3寸,640*480像素
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