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Scientific Thermal Imager
Observe Real Values in Details
Dynamic Sampling Real-time Analysis Long-term Tracking and Monitoring

Scientific Research Thermal Imager I Series—Microscope Frame

Equipped with Binocular Eyepiece to Meet Various Demands of Clients
This series overcomes the defect that users cannot observe the state of samples in the traditional infrared testing process. Besides observing the positions of the tested products, clients can test the changes of infrared spectrum in this position to really realize the simultaneous measurement and testing.

Meet GigE Vision? Standards

GigE Vision is a new camera connector and adopts the gigabit Ethernet Communication Protocol. GigE Vision was the first to adopt low-cost standard line to realize fast image transmission standards in the short distance. With GigE Vision, the software and hardware from different suppliers can be connected to the GigE ports seamlessly.

Support GenICam? Agreement

GenICam is aimed at providing universal programming ports for various recorders. The API remains the same no matter which connector technology (GigE Vision, Camera Link, 1394 DCAM) or functions are used. GenICam protocol allows the third-party software and cameras to be used together.

Excellent Image Quality

The smart I-series infrared thermal imager includes one uncooled V2O5 infrared detector and produces thermal images of 384*288 and 640*480 distinguishing pixels, making tiny temperature differences clear and visible. This thermal imager is equipped with one camera, with optional electric focusing. It is capable of transmitting media videos through Ethernet, which allows readers to see the real-time image on the computer.

WiFI Direct Connection Technology

The thermal imager and computer can be connected through WiFi to transmit and control the temperature. It has certain requirements on the transmission distance and conducts real-time control over I-series infrared thermal imager. I-series thermal imager has several digital input/output channel, temperature, humidity and pressure sensor, which allow clients to turn on/off the thermal imager and heater.

Videos of MPEG-4 Data Traffic

By outputting the videos of MPEG-4 data through the Ethernet, it displays images of 640*480 pixels on the PC lively. It can reach 30 Hz (the display analysis level) according to the specific situation of the system.

Comprehensive Inlaid Analysis and Warning Function

I-series infrared thermal imager has the function of analysis, such as point/surface measurement and thermal difference calculation. The imager can send analytical results, infrared images and other data through e-mails according to time or notice. The warning can set analysis, internal temperature or digit input function to send abnormal situations to the booked mobile phone through text messages.
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